Earthquakes and Hospital Days in Leon

You can read part one of this little hospital mini-drama, here. The earthquakes and hospital days in Leon, Nicaragua are keeping things interesting!

Leon Hospital

Nicaragua is in the ring of fire, and very active lately

Earthquakes and Hospital Days in Leon

I’ll start part 2 with the earthquake. Apparently there were seven earthquakes that night three over 5.0, but I only woke up for the big one – 6.4. Now I have spent 20 years in Southern California, so I’m not naive to earthquakes. But I’ve never been in anything over 4.6 in California. Central America is a whole new ball game. My first earthquake was in San Salvador – I think it was around a 5.4 or 5.6. At the time, that was my biggest and I couldn’t believe the extra power.

While I was in Xela, I felt one earthquake every day – usually over 5.0. I couldn’t believe it but really enjoyed seeing my Spanish Homestay family run out of the

Earthquakes and Hospital Days in Leon

This church in Antiqua Guatemala was destroyed by an earthquake and shows the power of these natural disasters

apartment and on to the patio across the way at the first sign of rumbles. They were busy!

Well last night’s earthquake was pretty epic. Luckily there were no injuries. It happened around around 4am and I initially woke up not knowing what was happening. I generally just stay in bed and wait to see how things pan out, but my first thought was that the nurse had locked my door before I went to bed. I think because I had my camera and my computer out, and she was being helpful. But my first thought is that it would slow down my rescuers if necessary. I flew out of bed to the door, forgot I was trailing an IV line and nearly pulled it out of my arm, but in a flash was at the door and unlocking it. And then it was over. I opened the door and saw everyone starting to stir . . . and decided to head back to bed.

Of course I was comforted by experiencing my earthquakes and hospital days in Leon at the same time!

And I slept like a rock until the church bells started ringing . . . at 6am. 6am? And they continue every half hour thereafter. Good fun.

Anyway, have you ever experienced an earthquake while away from home? Tell us what happened in the comments, below!