Travel Plans

It’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of February – 2014 is flying by!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m on a long term trip around Central America, and I’ve been on the road since October 2013. So far, I’ve traveled to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador.

Today I want to hear your travel plans!

Where are you heading next, and why? I’d love to hear your travel plans! Are you just thinking about going somewhere special, or are you in the planning stage?

Also, have you been to Latin America? Where (and what) did you like or not like about it? Would you recommend that readers (and me) visit there too?

So in the comments section down below, I’d love you to answer three quick questions. Your answers can be as brief or as detailed as you like. You can share about a trip you’re planning, a new place you discovered, a weekend getaway or your whole month away somewhere.

Let’s hear about your travel plans for 2014 or beyond:

1. Where are you traveling next?
2. Why did you choose it?
3. What amazing travel experience do you recommend for readers (and me)?

Thanks for your input and I’m excited to hear your comments! If you haven’t already signed up for the facebook page yet, you can do so here!